Wednesday, February 27, 2013

First thoughts on the Titanium Deviations Dugout...

So I have been using the new Titanium Deviations Dugout for almost two weeks now. I must say, this thing is getting some miles put on it!

Before, I would roll joints to take with me while I'm cruisin' around town. Now, I grind up a tasty blend of MMJ and load up the box, and kick rocks! This Ti Deviations Dugout holds WAYYY more medicine than most other dugouts...I can easily pack enough fine ground herb in it to last all day - and I smoke a lot!

I never promote anything I haven't at least used, if not use often. This kick ass little dugout gets my stamp. I definitely suggest you scoop one up if your a nomadic stoner like me! Get yours today over at Titanium Deviations!

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